The Chouha family was the most noble and famous Chaldean Catholic clan in Mardin , Turkey (1). The family members were known to be pious and strict observant of the Catholic faith (2). It's men owned large successful businesses and vast plots of land across Mardin and Nusaybin. They were admired and respected by all for their fair dealings and philanthropy.  One of the family members Abdel Karim Chouha was the mayor of Nusaybin. His father John (Hanna) Chouha was the honorary consul of Spain. The family was specifically targeted (1) by the Turks and Kurds in 1915. Ten of its members were massacred along with hundreds of thousands of other Catholics, Assyrians, Armenians and other Christians in what is known as the Armenian Genocide in northern Mesopotamia and parts of Ottoman-occupied Iran.

Almost all family members have since emigrated to Lebanon, Egypt, USA, Canada, UK, Syria, Iraq and Latin America.


1. Les Chrétiens aux bêtes, Souvenirs de la guerre sainte proclamée par les Turcs contre les chrétiens en 1915 par Jacques Rhétoré

2. Al kasara fy nakabat al nasara by Isaac Armala (
القصارى في نكبات النصارى بقلم العلامة الأب إسحق أرملة)

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Chouha Family
(Other known spellings: Shouha, Shoha, Soha, Coha, شوحا)